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The Genesis of Isis dispersed genes-of-Isis to the whole world.
The Genesis of Isis was a missionary campaign to elevate humankind out of war and ignorance and to unify humankind into a peaceful world family.

An array of Isis goddesses from many cultures

Serpent goddess and winged goddess imagery in various cultures symbolizes the Genesis of Isis in those cultures.

The word genesis is derived from genes-of-Isis. The word genius is derived from genes-of-Isis. The original Isis was born a genius by chance. The genesis of her genius wasn't left to chance. The Genesis of Isis dispersed genes-of-Isis throughout the world in a missionary campaign to unite humankind into a peaceful world family. Via that religious campaign to unify humankind, Isis became the ancestral mother of everyone on earth. She became the EarthMother Goddess. We are now a WorldFamily of EarthMother's children.

An artist's conception of early man Young East African girl with full forehead and parted eyebrow The Genesis of Isis began in Africa. A genius was born in Africa. She was an alien freak amongst her own people. She was born amongst Homo sapiens who had flat foreheads and a single bushy eyebrow without the part at the middle. She was born with a bulging forehead and a parted eyebrow. She was the original Homo sapient sapient with the full forehead and the parted eyebrow. Hundreds of generations of Africans, even down to colonial times, practiced molding the skulls of children into idealized shapes acting in accordance with customs that harkened back to their original genius ancestress. That African genius was a female ancestress of the woman who would later become the Earthmother Goddess, Isis.

Isis/Hathor cow-goddess hiding in the papyrus swamps The Genesis of Isis didn't begin as a missionary campaign to disperse genes-of-Isis to the world or to elevate humankind. It began as a family affair. A genius child was born amongst a race of Homo sapiens who were cattle herders and breeders. When an animal that had desirable qualities showed up in their herds, they used that one for breeding stock to upgrade the quality of their herds. Some of the cattlemen of her tribe recognized the genius child as a potential asset to themselves. They saw an opportunity to use her as breeding stock to upgrade the intelligence level of their own family or clan. They embarked upon a breeding program to procreate children from the genius child who would have some of her genius intelligence. They used selective breeding and selective midwifery to upgrade the intelligence level of their own family.

A mother goddess version of Isis nursing her son, 'Eru. A cow-horned mother goddess version of Isis nursing her son, 'Eru. In the beginning, the genesis of Isis' genius went very slowly and with great difficulty. In addition to opposition within the clan or tribe, the genesis of her genius had to overcome genetic difficulties and physical limitations. If the genius had been a boy, the whole affair would have been much simpler. The genius child, a female, could have only one child at a time. It may have taken many attempts for her to produce a son who had her parted eyebrow and who could pass that characteristic on to his offspring. That is why the son, the son, the son, was such an important and cherished figure in Pagan religion and culture.

Pagan midwives took single-browed babies out of the gene pool. The sacrifice of single-browed babies fell heavily on boy babies. For many centuries it was much easier to produce daughters with parted eyebrows than it was to produce sons with parted eyebrows. That placed a very high value on sons relative to daughters. In some cultures, that tradition persists to this day.

The overvaluation of sons relative to daughters has led to a lot of problems. It has led to the dominance of men and the suppression of women in many cultures. It has led to the "battle of the sexes" in Western culture. It has even led to "high tech" child sacrifice in the present day. In some instances, high tech instruments are used to determine the sex of unborn children. Female fetuses have been aborted as a result of ancient traditions that value sons over daughters. It is ironic to think that the sacrifice of single-browed sons in ancient times has resulted in the sacrifice of millions of daughters in more modern times.

Assur amidst a collage of early kings and queens An old UrRean sunwing without serpents A later UrReUs sunwing with the Sacred Asps of Isis attached to it
Long before the birth of the African genius, an earlier enlightened genius had unified much of the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Asia. That was Assur. Following the melt down of the Ice Age, Assur and his descendants established a far-flung empire of related kingdoms and kinship clans in the ancient world. Those were the early "UrRean" civilizations that practiced the old HawkGod/ SunGod religion. Their unifying symbol was the old UrRe sunwing without serpents. Following the genesis of Isis, the UrReUs sunwing with Sacred Asps of Isis added to it replaced the old UrRe sunwing without the serpents. It is possible to trace the path of the Genesis of Isis by the arrival of serpent symbolism in various cultures as her religion spread over the world.

In prehistoric times before the advent of writing, there was an UrRean kingdom in the Nile Delta. UrRea, in the Nile Delta, may have been the first of the old UrRean kingdoms that Assur established after the melt down of the Ice Age. It was certainly one of the very early ones. The prehistoric Upper Egypt kingdom of Blackland was probably also an old UrRean kingdom that Assur and his descendants established. Upper Egypt Blackland may have been a frontier logging, mining, and penal, colony of Lower Egypt UrRea. Upper Egypt may have been a "Siberia on the Nile" in prehistoric times. The African genius child was born in that milieu.
(The UrReans were followers of the old HawkGod/ SunGod religion before the birth of Isis. See the Sunwing page on this website for a discussion of who and what were the UrReans.)

The Narmer palette commemorating the conquest of Lower Egypt A mother-of-the-throne version of Isis nursing her son, 'Eru. King Den, a first dynasty king with the Sacred Asp of Isis striking from his forehead

The genesis of Isis' genius remained a family affair for many generations. Over time, that family gained power in the Blackland kingdom. Eventually, descendants of the African genius conquered UrRea in the Nile Delta. Isis became the mother-of-the-throne goddess. The throne of Egypt passed from generation to generation via the female line of inheritance.
(NOTE: The African/Egyptian name for Isis was Ast or Asset. However, using that form of her name would create some difficulties for this English language narrative.)

Even after descendants of the African genius conquered UrRea, in the Nile Delta, the Genesis of Isis did not include the lower classes of humankind. Their political aims were still about elevating the ruling families or clans and about preventing wars. In those early days, the ruling families of the old UrRean kingdoms were descendants of Assur. They were already a family, but they were a family at war within the family. The legendary resurrection of Assur that Isis accomplished was the reunification of Assur's primal family.

Isis as the goddess of love Isis conquered more by love than by war.

After their rise to power in Lower Egypt UrRea, they began marrying "daughters" of Isis into the ruling families of other kingdoms for political reasons. Descendants of the genius child were wiser than their relatives. They were able to "sell" other branches of Assur's bloodline on the idea of elevating their intelligence by breeding up to Isis. They were able to conquer more by love and wisdom than by war. The Genesis of Isis began through the process of royal marriages. It spread to the lower classes in much later times. The mother-of-the-throne goddess Isis eventually became the EarthMother Goddess Isis. We all have some royal blood from the age of divine kings flowing in our veins.

In the Pagan kingdoms following the Genesis of Isis, only two-browed Homo sapiens sapiens of the Isis bloodline could be heirs. Pagan midwives took the old single-browed Homo sapiens out of the royal gene pool. Pagan midwives were trained to recognize certain traits. The midwives sorted out genetic misfits and single-browed babies. At first, genes-of-Isis dispersed from the upper classes to the lower classes of people within the various kingdoms. It may have resulted more from casual breeding with the servants than from any thoughts of sharing or of uplifting humanity. Eventually, the Temple of Isis actively propagated the Genesis of Isis everywhere amongst all classes.

Descendants of Isis were wiser than the other people of their time. They were a race apart from the people they ruled. They were "gods" who became a ruling class or caste in perpetuity. In the early stages of the Genesis of Isis, sorting out the single browed Homo sapiens from the royal bloodline resulted in a two-race human race in which a superior race of Homo sapiens sapiens ruled over an inferior race of Homo sapiens. That caused some serious problems in the ancient world. Biblical prophets railed endlessly against the injustices of that situation. The injustices of the two-race system contributed much to the downfall of Pagan Rome.

The problems of that two-race system weren't limited to only the ancient world. It resulted in rigid caste systems in places where it persisted until recent times. Superior race ideas powered colonialism, the holocaust in Europe, the American Civil War, and hundreds of other wars. Superior race ideas are alive and well in many places in the world today.

Idealized caricature of an African woman There is only one human race now. We are all EarthMother's children. We all have the mark of Isis on our foreheads. It is there at the part between our eyebrows.

Were it not for the chance birth of the Isis genius, AND for the human engineering project that took advantage of the opportunity to propagate her genius, there would have been no Moses, no Buddha, no Confucius, no Jesus, no Muhammad, no Shakespeare, no George Washington, no Edison, no Ford, no Einstein, no lights, no cars, no Internet, no Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. We would still be living by firelight at perpetual war in a muscle-powered world.

Resurrect Isis. By her love and wisdom, and through much struggle and sacrifice, she created a WorldFamily of us. We can be the peaceful and prosperous WorldFamily, WorldCulture, civilization that she set out to create. It is possible and it is desirable.

This was taken from the "Alphabet V" page of this website.

An array of goddesses from lands other than Egypt

Daughters of Isis carried the Genesis of Isis to different peoples of many lands.

There was a Genesis of Isis. The original Isis was born a natural genius. Descendants of Isis disseminated her genius genes to the rest of the world. That was the Genesis of Isis. The name Genesis and the word genius are both derived from genes-of-Isis. The genesis of Isis was a program of selective breeding that introduced her genius genes into the bloodlines of the royal families and leading families of many tribes and nations.
(See the Genesis of Isis page on this web site.)

"Daughters" of Isis carried out the Genesis of Isis. The Genesis of Isis was a gentle conquest. Isis conquered by love instead of by war. Daughters of Isis were "gift wives" who carried the genes-of-Isis to the leading families of the world. Those gift wives weren't gifts. They were "given" in negotiated marriages and alliances. The entry of one of those women into a family's bloodline was a major genetic event in the genealogy of that family. Isis' genealogy determined the political fortunes and social status of those families. At the time of the Genesis, you were nobody if you didn't have the Isis gene in your bloodline. Those gift wives were still "daughters" of Isis even though they may have been born generations after the original Isis was gone.

Those daughters of Isis were "pedigreed" descendants of the Goddess. They were certified as virgins who were not pregnant at the time of their giving. Those daughters of Isis who succeeded at producing two-browed heirs in royal bloodlines became the Mother Goddesses of those lands where their progeny ruled. Genetic studies have shown that the entire population of Europe descended from seven women.
(See The Seven Daughters of Eve by Bryan Sykes, Norton, 2001)

NOTE: Bryan Sykes dates the daughters of Eve to the Mesolithic period before the melt down of the Ice Age. The Pagan foundation legend dates Isis and her daughter goddesses to the Neolithic period following the melt down of the Ice Age. The different dates have yet to be rectified.

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