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The capital (majuscule) letter W represents Isis as a double-goddess, twice-wise, and twice-a-virgin.

The majuscule letter W is a picture of the cuneal midsection of Isis.

The majuscule letters M, V, and W are all pictures of the cuneal midsection of the female anatomy. They all represent different aspects of the Mother Goddess. The majuscule letter M represents Isis as the EarthMother Goddess, mother of everyone on earth. The majuscule letter V represents Isis as a young goddess or other "daughters of Isis" goddesses. The majuscule letter W pictures grandmother Isis in her old age after her breeding life.

The letter V represents Isis as a young goddess, a virgin goddess, and a goddess of love. The letter (double V) W represents Isis as an ancient goddess, twice a virgin, and twice wise. Isis in her second virginity after her breeding life was a grandmother and a witch. Grandmother Isis was wise from the experience of her own years. Isis the (double V) W Witch Goddess was steeped in the wisdom of the ages.

The word witch contains symbols for double wisdom + teach. A witch was a wisdom teacher of feminine wisdom in the old Pagan religion. Witchcraft teachings in the Temple of Isis were advanced curriculum beyond the standard fare of weaving, cooking, homemaking, and childrearing. The training of witches included training in medicine, the healing arts, and midwifery.

The Letter W from the Judgment Scene

The majuscule letter W also represents Isis as a double-goddess. Isis the ancient GreatMother was two people. Isis is frequently pictured paired with the Goddess Nephthys. The name Nephthys is a Greek name. Her Egyptian name Nebt-Het means mother-of-the-house. When the goddesses Isis and Nephthys are paired, Isis is pictured with a throne atop her head. The throne atop her head identifies Isis as the mother of the throne and matriarch of the Egyptian royal family. The goddess Nephthys was the African ancestress of Isis. Nephthys was the original Aso African genius girl mother-of-the-house from whom Isis and the royal family of Egypt descended before they established the Egyptian kingdom.

It took generations for descendants of the original African Aso(Nephthys) genius girl to rise to power in the East African kingdom where she was born. After they rose to power in their original homeland, they conquered the Arean kingdom (Area) in the Nile Delta. The EarthMother-Goddess Isis, mother-of-the-throne Isis, wife-of-Assur Isis, mother-of-Heru Isis, Biblical-Eve Isis, was herself a descendant of the original African Aso(Nephthys) genius girl. The majuscule letter W represents Isis as both herself and her ancestress. W also represents Isis as the ancient GreatMother of bygone ages.

(The letters v and w were added to the alphabet at a late date. The stories related to v and w were complicated by later day developments in the concept of the Mother Goddess.)

The minuscule letter w represents an old person.

A wizened faced woman of age and dignity An aged Indian man of character and dignity.

The minuscule letter w represents an old person of either sex. The sound of letter w may differ in different languages. In some languages, the (double v) w has the same pursed lip v sound as the single letter v. The letter w is called (double u) in English. In English, the (double u) w has the same o-o-o water-jar sound as the single letter u.

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